It is hard to believe that summer is over and fall is upon us! With so much on the horizon – football tailgates, Halloween, and Thanksgiving prep come to mind – your weekends are sure to fill up quickly.

Mouthwatering fall food staples are abundant, but could pose a threat to your teeth if you aren’t vigilant. Your family at Surf City Dental has decided to highlight 3 foods to avoid this fall!


This reminder isn’t just for the kids out there! Everywhere you turn, October leads to a dish of Halloween candy waiting to be devoured. Sure, one mini Snickers won’t harm your oral health, but those trips to the candy jar add up!

With sweets, moderation is key. Try holding off for special occasions, like Halloween night with your kids. This also teaches your children that treats are awesome, but not if you overdo it. Brushing right after you indulge rids your mouth of lingering sugar.


The hidden issues that come from drinking wine, like dry mouth and acid, can wreak havoc on your mouth.

The acid in the wine – both red and white – can soften enamel, which protects your teeth. Dry mouth, provoked by the tannins found in red wine, is a key cause of increased plaque, gum disease, and bad breath.

Wait at least 30 minutes after having wine to brush to avoid further acid damage to your teeth.


Keep reading before you accuse us of stealing your morning (or mid-day) rocket fuel! Coffee itself isn’t terrible, but the majority of American coffee-drinkers add sugar to their morning joe.

Caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea result in dry mouth, stained teeth, and halitosis. Clean up how you consume your java and balance it out with plenty of water to lessen the threat of oral issues.

We at Surf City Dental love fall festivities as much as you do! Avoiding overconsumption of certain foods can make this season much more enjoyable.

With the holidays approaching quickly, fall is a great time to schedule a visit to see us! Our unique approach to your oral health will keep you smiling through the holidays!