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Dental Care

Chewing Gum and Your Teeth

There are quite a few reasons that people chew gum. It’s a tasty, convenient mouth refresher in a pinch, it’s an appetite suppressant, and some even cite chewing gum as an effective stress and anxiety reducer. Chewing gum is nothing new to our society. In fact, some form of chewing gum has been a part…

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What to Do About Cavities in Teeth

Cavities affect people of all ages. A 2015 study from the CDC and the National Institutes of Health found that almost every American – 96 percent – aged 65 or older reported tooth decay. The Mayo Clinic also found that cavities and tooth decay are some of the most common health problems in the world.   …

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Fluoride and Its Benefits

If you have had an issue with cavities in the past, your mouth may be missing one key ingredient: fluoride. Fluoride is considered an effective natural deterrent of cavities and can help strengthen the enamel on your teeth. Enamel is made up of calcium and phosphate to form a thin layer of protection on your…

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Natural Dental Products and DIY Trends: What to Know

Our Surf City Dental team receives its share of questions about best natural dental products for at-home care. With so many types of these oral hygiene products sold over the counter, as well as spotlighted as trends on the internet, it’s easy to see why there’s some confusion. And as we head into a new…

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How to Combat Periodontal Disease

Most people have a standard routine when it comes to their oral hygiene practices. They brush their teeth and floss at least twice daily. However, breaking that pattern for long periods of time can lead to serious issues. One such oral health epidemic, Periodontal Disease, affects half of all Americans ages 30-plus, according to the…

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What Is Dental Plaque? How to Fight It.

Have you ever run your tongue across your teeth, only to discover a gross, gritty layer? Maybe it felt fuzzy or even slimy. Well, that’s dental plaque and it’s fairly common.  Specifically, dental plaque is a microbial biofilm produced when the bacteria in your mouth mixes with proteins and food byproducts. Untreated, it transforms into tartar, also called calculus – a hard, mineral build-up that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Some studies even link the bacteria in gum disease…

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Dental Fear Is Common. Ways to Feel at Ease

Do you feel scared, nervous or stressed on the drive to the dentist? Does the idea of making an appointment cause you to tense up? At Surf City Dental, we have built an entire culture around helping patients relax and receive the quality care they deserve. We’ll get into a few ways patients can tackle…

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Tooth Decay: Sweets and Treats to Avoid this Holiday

The holidays are upon us—and in this season of abundance — a deluge of tempting sweets and treats. Cookies, cakes, and candies are everywhere: at home, at work, at school. Moderation is the key. Read on for some mouth-healthy strategies that won’t leave you feeling like a Grinch with tooth decay and other damage to…

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TMJ Pain: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

tmj pain

You grind or clench your teeth, get chronic headaches, feel tenderness in your jaw, hear a clicking sound when you chew, have a dull pain in or around your ear. Any or all of these symptoms might mean you’re suffering from TMJ pain or a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). But it’s also likely that you’re…

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Apple Cider Vinegar and Tooth Decay

apple cider vinegar

You’ve probably read about apple cider vinegar (ACV) and its ability to cure a seemingly endless array of ailments—everything from athlete’s foot to upset stomach, and even cancer. Fact or Fiction Some clinical studies on apple cider vinegar support claims for promoting weight loss, lowering cholesterol, and regulating blood sugar. On the other hand, claims…

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