At Surf City Dental, we see all kinds of situations that lead patients to consider dental implants. Some take a closer look after losing teeth to a sudden mouth injury or periodontal disease. Others choose the treatment option to feel more confident about their smile or improve their ability to chew. Regardless of the reason, dental implants have become the modern standard for tooth replacement.

“From a medical innovation standpoint, there have been continuous advances in the procedure over the last couple of decades,” said Dr. Matthew Parr, D.D.S. and owner of Surf City Dental. “With this comes marked improvement in patient outcomes and satisfaction. Those stories get out there, so it only makes sense dental implants are in high demand.”

Dr. Parr, who’s received a fellowship from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists for his experience in the field, explained the process in clear terms.

“A metal post is surgically inserted into the jaw, replacing the root of the missing tooth,” he said. “An artificial tooth or bridge is then affixed to the post. The difference in appearance compared to existing teeth truly is undistinguishable, and they function in the same way too.”

Aside from looking and working like the real thing, dental implants also offer the benefit of not requiring alterations to surrounding teeth.

“There is some recovery time from the surgery, but once the implant is in place, the patient can go on and live life like they used to before the tooth came out,” Dr. Parr said.

Still, there are some key requirements Surf City Dental follows before prescribing the treatment option. Candidates should:

  • Possess good overall health to reduce risks associated with surgery
  • Possess a strong, healthy jaw bone to support the artificial tooth root/metal post
  • Not have diabetes or a compromised immune system
  • Not smoke
  • Possess mature, developed bones (dental implants are not recommended for children)
  • Have a history of good oral hygiene and health

For those who opt against dental implants or do not meet the procedure’s guidelines, there still are other options for tooth replacement. Your Surf City Dental team might recommend:

  • Dentures — Dentures are ideal for patients missing a number of teeth. However, dentures are not as strong as dental implants and don’t provide the same length of use. (LINK)
  • Crowns — Crowns attach to the existing, natural tooth root. They are a good choice when a tooth does not need to be removed, but they’re not as durable as implants.
  • Dental bridges — Unlike dental implants, bridges rely on the surrounding teeth for support. Bridges are an excellent option when nearby teeth have fillings or crowns, and they are often less expensive than implants.

“Whether we’re helping guide a patient on their dental implant decision or another type of treatment, we always make sure they understand the total picture before moving forward with anything,” Dr. Parr said. “Through personalized consultations and educational events – like our recent Dental Implant Night – we’re here to answer all questions and help them map out the right oral healthcare plan.”