It is normal to be confused about the various dental treatment options available but the team at Surf City Dental can help. If there is a problem with your teeth, we may suggest a crown, filling, or implant depending on which one of works best in a particular situation. Comparing a crown vs filling vs implant will give you a better idea of the ideal dental treatment for you. Of course, you can always ask our team for advice.

Crowns vs. Fillings vs. Implants: What’s the Difference?


A dental crown is a ceramic or porcelain prosthetic tooth that fits directly over an existing tooth. In most cases, a crown will be used if your tooth is badly decayed as a way to protect it from further damage and keep your entire bite functional. Crowns can also be combined with bridges, which are used to fill a gap between teeth, with the crown holding it in place. Crowns can protect weak teeth, restore broken teeth, or even support large fillings.

Compared to dental implants, combining crowns with bridges tends to give you more stability when speaking or chewing, and they look like real teeth. They are also permanent and easy to clean while remaining affordable.


While crowns may become necessary in the case of serious tooth decay, fillings will restore teeth with smaller amounts of damage. One difference between a crown vs filling is that in a crown, no material is removed as the crown sits over your existing tooth.

With a filling, the decayed tooth material is removed, the tooth is cleaned, and finally, it is filled. The filling can be made of composite resin that looks like natural teeth, amalgam, porcelain, or gold.

While fillings are most commonly used to treat cavities, more serious cavities may require crowns alone or in combination with a filling.


Dental implants are the major alternative to crowns and bridges. This procedure involves placing a support of some kind into your jawbone through surgery. The support will be made from a metal, such as titanium, which is compatible with the body.

Eventually, osteointegration will occur, which is when the cells in your jawbone fuse with the implant. This way, you get a more natural result and your bones remain healthy. While bridges may slip over time, implants will not. They are also stable. Implants are an option that doesn’t affect nearby teeth and are easy to care for. However, they may be a bit more expensive.

Things to Consider

Your dentist will explain whether you need a crown, a filling, or an implant based on the following:

  • The severity of decay in your teeth
  • Your budget
  • The desired results
  • Your health
  • Other factors

Where to Have Dental Crowns, Fillings, and Implants Done

Whether you need a dental crown, filling, or implant done, or you just need your regular dental check-up, the team at Surf City Dental can assist you. We offer a range of general, cosmetic, specialized, and emergency dentistry, including crowns, implants, and fillings.

We will gladly walk you through the various procedures to help you compare a crown versus a filling and other treatment options to make an educated decision.