6 Tips For Caring For Your Teeth Like a Dentist

man looking in mirror and brushing his teeth in hampstead, nc

How do the people who know most about teeth take care of their own teeth? Does your dentist practice what they preach or do they know some secret dental care shortcuts? We’ve provided a look into the daily dental care routine most dentists follow to give you an idea of how you can best take…

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When to Call Your Hampstead, NC, Dentist About Tooth Pain

If one or more of your teeth hurt, it can be tempting to try to work through the pain. Many people decide to wait things out and see if the problem resolves itself. This decision can end up being costly in the long run as the cause of their tooth pain worsens. So how do…

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4 Facts That Show How Much Dental Cleanings Have Changed

wooden toothbrush and modern toothbrush side by side to show how dental cleanings have changed

Dental care practices have come a long way over the centuries in both comfort and effectiveness. Even though people have been trying to take care of their teeth since the dawn of civilization, dental care as you know it is a pretty recent innovation. Here are just a few examples of tooth care trends of…

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How Do I Know if Invisalign® is Right for Me?

woman holding up invisalign to show how it helped her teeth

Being both discrete and easy to use, Invisalign® is growing in popularity as an alternative to wire braces. If you’re interested in a straightening your teeth, you may have wondered if Invisalign could help you. Fortunately, most patients are able to get effective results and brighter smiles with this system.   Here’s how to tell…

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Why Teeth Whitening is the Gift that Keeps Giving Back

woman in a sweater showing off her teeth whitening results

Having a difficult time choosing a gift for a friend or family member this holiday season? Why not give them the gift that keeps on giving: a teeth whitening treatment? With teeth as bright and glistening as fresh winter snow, they’ll feel great and smile more all year. Learn more about how our teeth whitening solutions…

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6 Strange Dental Tales from Famous Historical Figures

statue from history and historical figure time without dental exams

People weren’t always lucky enough to have access to the latest advancements in dental medicine. For hundreds of years, humans struggled through tooth decay and gum disease. Even rich and famous historical figures weren’t always safe from dental issues. Here are a few historical figures who probably would have appreciated a modern dental exam. Historical…

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5 Cavity-Causing Foods to Avoid This Holiday Season

foods to limit during holidays so you dont need cavity treatment

Just because your teeth survived the Halloween candy onslaught doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods yet. Thanksgiving and the winter holidays are just around the corner, and with them comes a sea of foods that have the potential to land you in the dentist’s office for a cavity treatment. Here are a few of…

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Candy for a Cause: Surf City Dental’s Annual Candy Buy Back

picture of pumpkin spilling candy for candy buy back

Every Halloween, kids drag home massive mountains of candy from their trick-or-treat adventures. Usually, they end up with stomach aches, sugar hyperactivity, and potentially cavities as they fight to level their pile of goodies. Help them lighten their loads and support our troops at the same time by participating in Surf City Dental’s 2017 Candy…

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What You Need to Know About Mini Dental Implants

patient getting a dental exam for mini dental implants

Modern dentistry offers all kinds of options for people looking to replace or restore their teeth. From implants to bridges, it’s easier than ever to regain a natural looking smile. Dental implants stand out as one of the most reliable and natural looking options. However, dental implants are also more invasive than most other tooth…

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Learn How You Can Prevent Gingivitis with Proper Dental Care

woman brushing white teeth

Gingivitis is one of the most common dental issues in the United States. If untreated, gingivitis can advance into much more serious gum disease. Despite this, gingivitis is easy to prevent and treat. All you need to do is keep up with your homecare and have regular examinations from an experienced dentist. What is Gingivitis?…

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