Oral Health Bytes

Oral Health Bytes

Curious about Surf City Dental’s approach or treatment options? We’ve designed this educational video library to help you out a bit! It’s constantly evolving and stocked with quick insights on some of the most sought-after dental questions. If you can’t find what you need here, send us a quick note, and we’ll make sure to get back!

Sweet On Xylitol

You might have heard about the sweetener, Xylitol. Aside from having fewer calories than sugar, it packs some dental health benefits too! Hear Dr. Parr break it all down in this episode of Surf City Dental Oral Health Bytes.

Worst Foods & Drinks!

Dr. Parr highlights some of the foods and drinks that are harshest on teeth, offering up some guidance on how to satisfy your cravings without harming your mouth.

Teeth Whitening

In this episode, Dr. Parr sheds a little light on a key difference between at-home teeth whitening systems and in-office. Before making a choice, hear the benefits then check out our blog for a full overview of your whitening treatment options!

Don’t Wait Out A Toothache

Untreated toothaches can be a real pain, not to mention lead to greater infection. We’re here to help you early on and get you back to feeling great. Let this episode of Oral Health Bytes serve as a starting point!

Three Tips For A Happy Mouth

In this official launch of Surf City Oral Health Bytes, hear Dr. Parr offer some great oral healthcare pointers everyone should keep in mind!

Pregnant? Keep Glowing!

We see a lot of moms-to-be at Surf City Dental. If you’re one – or know someone who is – check out our tips for maintaining great oral health during pregnancy! Watch, then check out our blog on the topic for additional insights!

Poor Oral Hygiene

Our mouths serve as the gateway to the body’s total well-being. It’s crucial to understand the important role they play and to place equal emphasis on how we care for them. In this episode, Dr. Parr highlights a couple of potential consequences of poor oral hygiene and explains Surf City Dental’s approach to overcoming the issue.

Surf City Dental: On The Horizon

As we constantly innovate our approach to helping patients with their total oral health, see some treatment options we’re exploring for the near future.

Invisalign: What Is It & Why?

We see many patients wanting a more discreet option to help straighten teeth. Invisalign provides just that. In this episode, Dr. Parr explains the process, treatment time and other details.

Dental Implants: Need To Know

At our recent Dental Implant Night, we went over many of the benefits and considerations related to this treatment option. Dr. Parr offers some additional dental implant insights in this episode. Check it out, then head over to our blog for some extra info!

Dental Anxiety: We Got Your Back

In this episode, Dr. Parr takes a moment to walk through a very common occurrence with patients – dental fear. He explains how our team works to put everyone at ease and make visits relaxing from start to finish. Take a look, then check out our blog for a few calming tips.

Oral Health & Alzheimer’s

Recent studies have found a connection between periodontal issues and diseases like Alzheimer’s. Dr. Parr points out proactive care solutions to help avoid future problems, as well as options for addressing poor oral health right now.

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